Take this simple test to know whether you are CREATIVE, INTELLIGENT or a MORON choice maker – 2

Get ready for the mighty questionnaire.

Its strongly recommended that you go through the 1st part of this series by clicking on the following link


Suppose if GOD gets sick of you and one day he teleports you to a parallel universe which is governed by different laws of physics.

Write down your answers along with the question numbers in the comment box below.

Here we go!!!

Q.6) After eating food you go to the wash basin for washing your hands and mouth but again the same problem arises. Instead of water, lava flows out of it. Now what will you do?

A) You will spit over a plate until you get the required amount of saliva to cleanse your mouth with it. (Creativity ki had paar kardi bhai tune to.)

B) You will go again go to the fridge and take out another bottle of Coca-Cola from their and cleanse your mouth with it. (Coca-Cola ke chakkar mai andar mat gatak lena.)

C) You will burn your lips. (Bhagwan ne tere saath bohut vahiyaad mazaak kiya hai.)

Q.7) Now you decide to watch T.V. and you pick up the remote but it is quite weird because instead of numbers, there are alphabets written above the buttons. What will you do now?

A) You will yourself assume A to be 1, B to be 2, C to be 3 and so on. ( Bhai CAT 29th November ko hai, udhar ye logic lagane ka, idhar nahi)

B) You will not make any changes on the remote but will think ‘lets see what happens’ and switch on the T.V. (Abe option A vale ne itni tayyari ki hai aur tune bilkul bhi nahi.)

C) You will switch on the T.V and start pressing buttons randomly. ( Aarakshan soch sochke nahi padha na, ab bhugat)

Q.8) You switch on the T.V and the first channel appears. A movie is going on and its name is “3 GENIUS”. Its story is completely opposite to that of “3 IDIOTS”. What will be your reaction.

A) You will watch the movie till the end and then compare the story line of both the movies. (Tere se hi critics puchne ko aate hai naa, ‘Sir movie kaisi thi’)

B) You will watch it for a minute before you shout “What the fk” and change the channel.

C) You will see the full movie and then think ‘Kuch jaani pehchani si thi’. (Sachhi bata, tu ‘TAARE ZAMEEN PAR HAI’ vala ladka hai na jo ab bada ho gaya hai.)

Q.9) After switching off the T.V, suddenly someone rings the bell of the house. What will you do?

A) You will go near the door and hit the door from inside. (Bhai keyhole bhi laga hai, aankhe hai ya button)

B) You will use the keyhole to see outside before opening the door. ( Abe mera logic hai, copywright ka case thok dunga)

C) You will start running from one room to the other out of fear with your hands up in the air, eyes bulging out of their sockets and tongue hanging out of your mouth. ( Ab tera kya hoga kaliya)

Q.10) Now you look through the keyhole and find out that a big cockroach  of your size is standing out there? What will you do?

A) You will search for a big KAALA HIT.

B) You will rather look at its appearance and compare it with the image of a regular cockroach. (Beta bach ke rehna, kuch bhi ho sakta hai).

C) You will die at the spot. (Tera to yahi hona tha)

The Verdict:

If most of your answers were option A, then you are CREATIVE.

If most of your answers were option B, then you are INTELLIGENT.

If most of your answers were option C, then sorry to say but you are a MORON.

Please share your answers below in the comment box with everyone so that they come to know who is the “REAL YOU”.

Thank you for taking the test.

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Will be back with more exciting topics.

Stay tuned and laugh!!!


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