One day while returning from Asangaon to Thane, I spotted a young girl who was selling pens, pencils, key rings, incense sticks and all sorts of low priced items over a dirty and torn sheet at the railway station.

She wore shabby clothes and her hair were untied. Not a personality that a girl of her age would possibly want.

She was continuously roaring at her peak so that someone would buy an item which could turn out to be the bread winner for her that day, but all in vain as her voice was subdued by her male counterparts.

If any out of so many people passing across her would have cared to even give a careless glimpse at her, I bet she would have long risen from her downtrodden status and would have been adorned with all sorts of fancy bangles, amulets, designer clothes, ear rings which any girl in her twenties would like to do, but some people are born with dead luck.

It’s like they have already signed a dead luck contract with the almighty either forcefully or willingly before taking the stepping towards their suffering life.

Can we connect that dead luck concept with what we Indians call the “karma cycle”. If so, then we must also be ready to suffer the same way in our upcoming births.

So many people had passed across her, seen her pity condition, heard her feeble voice which was fast loosing ground, a strong indicator of her nutrient deficient body. But who cares!

Well blaming those who catch their time bound train would not be noteworthy but those who just sit down and eat roadside junks and even after watching such people do not feel like giving even 1/1000th of their monthly income are already on the way of signing their personal dead luck contract.

Analysing all this I made up my mind that I did not wanted to get involved in such life long suffering contracts so I chose something very different and unexpected to what these people usually do.

Bingo! I decided to go up to her and buy a five rupees pen. This was the most peculiar thing that had ever happened on the station. Everyone’s eyes were glued onto me. Even those whose train had arrived on the station did not miss a chance to give an awkward glimpse on the most peculiar scene of the world. The only missing thing were news channels or I bet I would have grown into a midnight superstar.

All eyes were upon me. I had unknowingly become the point of interest of everyone present over there. This made me frown a little but soon I regained my senses and finally made the purchase.

I heard many comments such as “He appears to be of a well off family.”, “Shit man, I would never talk to such a downtrodden man.”, “Just notice that guy, he doesn’t have any standard.” and many more such baseless comments.

For a moment I thought like I did something which was forbidden, like I broke a community law or committed a crime, but on the other hand I saw my inner self standing next to the girl who was smiling and gave me a thumbs-up. Well this is no joke that I even saw him tear my dead luck contract and blow it up in the air.

This helped me regain my self-confidence which I had lost for a moment and achieve peace and tranquillity as a complementary bonus to it. I did not forget to return that strange and pathetic gaze to all those who saw me in a similar fashion a moment ago.

I cannot express that great feeling of helping a needy that pumped adrenaline all across my body. She reciprocated the favour by her beautiful smile which just made my day!

I feel pity on the people who buy the same thing at ten times the price at big shopping malls when they could have bought it at such a low price and in turn can make it a bread winning profession for these under privileged.

I made it a point to buy a ten rupees item daily from her so that she could at least get something to eat at the end of the day. Seeing me even other people started approaching her. Those people who ran across her and didn’t even care to look at her started to make purchases.

With each passing day, the crowd increased. After a month or so, apart from selling her usual items, she even began to sell newspapers and soon rented a proper shop instead of selling on the sheet as she used to.

There is no bigger proof than her wide ecstatic smile that says it all and of course her new pink saree, her black kajal and her multi-coloured bangles gleaming in sunlight.

At the end I asked myself, ‘What did I do. Did I do something very odd or different.’ My inner conscience gave an immediate “NO”.

I realised that millions had spotted her sitting over there but no one cared about her or ever approached her. I made it a point to regularly buy her products, which were so cheap and at the same time of rich quality. Soon it garnered other people’s attention and even they began to buy her products. The customers were happy with their cheap yet good quality products and she was able to manage her daily meals out of it.

The only difference between me and others was that I listened to my inner conscience, while others ignored it. It’s a rarely used boon that we have been blessed by God. It always differentiates between the good and the bad but leaves the last decision upon us. It’s only demerit is that it does not shout but whisper.

We usually fall so deep into the pit of greed and lust that it becomes virtually impossible to revive ourselves back. Though our inner conscience always shows us the right path, but this mist of greed and lust distracts us to such an extent that most of the time we make wrong decisions which affects not only us but the community at large.

In my case I listened to that mild whisper of my inner conscience under the effect of which I helped that girl and whenever I see her rejuvenated face, I get filled up with intense gratification and sublime confidence to help more such people and make my life worth living.

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6 thoughts on “INNER CONSCIENCE

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  3. very well said nishant, often we ignore younger ones who are deprived of what there equivalents enjoy. Yes they need to be helped not by giving money but encouraging them to do some work. Good story.


  4. Great Nishant…Thoroughly thought provoking…There is always a fight between our misplaced ego and true self and ego wins most of the time if we avoid to listen to our inner consciousness. Looking forward to more such stories.

    Liked by 1 person

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