We are not bisynchronous beings. At a time we are either ruled by the angel or the demon within us. Their judgement turns out to be our actions. It is they who decide how we are going to act, behave and react. Two very strong opposing identities preside at the throne of a human body either by his will or undue passions.

Are they either sides of a coin! I guess no, but they truly are the either sides of our demeanour. What they say is what we do! Their orders convert into our deeds. As if they are the real and we, the virtual! They are the vision and we, the eyes! They are the soul and we, the mortal body!

The deeper we go into the pit of death and sorrow, the more we approach into the realm of the demon and the deeper we go into the trench of life and energy, the more we delve into the palatinate of the angel.

From time immemorial our life has revolved around either of these two. We are either strongly addicted to or abhorred from either of these two. Though we are always in the search of complete content, we often fail to either realise or concede the fact that it is these two forces inside our mind which have to be ceded. Talking about the present scenario, it appears as if the devil has slightly overtaken the angel.

These days the newspapers are flooded with lots of tragic cases. It appears as if God has started helping all those TRP hungry media houses. Hundred’s of deaths, scores of natural calamities, ten’s of bomb blasts and a daily cataclysm are the hot topics which embellish the headlines. It appears as if the soil we live in has been excessively contaminated with pests and we soon need a highly efficient pesticide to terminate it’s roots!

There are some people who are exceptionally brilliant and reach their current status only after proving their mettle a hundred times, but we must never forget the fact they are still governed by either the angel or the demon lurking within them. The only difference is that they exercise a higher degree of control over them than what we do.

In our case these two forces hold the position of kingmakers while in their case they act as commanders under the guidance of the will power of their mind.

A month earlier, a particular state was struck by a massive natural calamity. A week prior to that, the district magistrate of that city had gone overseas for negotiating a water deal as many regions of the state were under water scarcity. His tour was twenty days long but only a week after he went, the state experienced a massive flood.

Well a flood in a state suffering from water scarcity appears to be fictitious but sometimes even reality leaps across its own boundaries. The incident appears to be a concoction of which the majority is fiction with no trace of reality but exceptions are always there, isn’t it!

Within a matter of minutes, the district magistrate was informed about the calamity. He immediately told about it to his higher officials and soon the rescue work started.

Millions of people who were rendered homeless and thousands of tourists were provided with shelter and food by the army. Various search operations were carried out, all under the able guidance of the DM and his faithful counterparts.

He discussed about the disastrous situation as well as the plight of the citizens and the tourists with the prime minister of the country and was able to get a disaster relief package for the entire state.

He told about all this to the deputy DM who was acting as the DM of the city in his absence. He informed him about the disaster relief package that was soon going to reach and what all he had to do with it i.e. subsidising food, building shelter houses for those who were rendered homeless and for continuing the search operations.

The DM cancelled all his future appointments and immediately returned to his city where he was required the most.

He returned the next day and as always he went in between the common masses to boost up their morale, ask about their condition and to know whether the government has provided them with the required help or not.

The people told him about their plight and that instead of getting better, the conditions have worsened.

He checked the government reports where it was clearly mentioned that the people had been provided with the required monetary help but if that would have been true then why did so many of them denied the fact. After reaching his office the next morning, some of his trusted friends and counterparts provided him with the real statistics.

The true scenario was completely opposite to what the government reports said. Instead of using the funds for helping the common masses, they had illegally deposited it in their bank accounts. This was not only a massive scam as well as a loathsome incidence of inhumanity! The whole ministry including the lowest rank officials to the deputy DM were held guilty for it.

Soon the DM exposed the culprits in front of the law due to which they were given life sentences for committing such a heinous crime because of which so many innocents lost their lives from which they could have been easily saved.

Later on the money was confiscated and the DM brought it to its right use by assisting the people to get subsidised food and by helping the city regain its lost infrastructure.

We often land in situations where we have to choose to be like the DM or the deputy DM, i.e. the angel or the demon. It’s a fact that these two forces are always in a trade off with one another, always trying to bemuse our will power with different kinds of addictions and aversions.

The only remedy for this is to have a strong and controlled will which neither gets trapped in the cobwebs of attraction nor does it falls into the chasms of ignorance and aversion rather remains in total contempt and tranquillity.

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