Raj was a boy who had just stepped in his twenties. A boy who had his own ambitions, was success crazy and wanted it at any cost. He worked day and night and finally got admitted into a top-notch engineering college in his city and reached two days before his session was to start.

Well life always has many twists and turns and Raj was soon going to experience one.

On the very first day, he got up a little early to take a tour of his new college. Infrastructure was superb, parks were elegant and stadiums were astoundingly massive, but soon he saw something that just flushed this all out of his memory in a flash.

Her deep brown eyes glinting in the twilight, her jet black hair oscillating all through the way like a beautiful wave in the ocean and her white toned skin which was asserting her beauty were all self-proclaiming.

As soon as she went past him leaving her ephemeral yet tempting fragrance, he was bound to follow her but as the popular adage goes, ‘You catch more flies with honey’, there were many who had already been seduced by her persona and were chasing her in an unknown pursuit to get her.

Being only another bee in a large swarm of bees, he started following her under the influence of an unknown desire. His physique and stature were not that admirable, nor were his hair style and garments.

The only thing that self proclaimed about him was his excellent academic result but that was something that would have spoken about his mind, not about his heart.

After walking all the way down from the campus grocery store to her hostel, she slowed down near the water purifier to relax for a moment and to quench her thirst. Everyone kept an eye over her and waited for the right time which would maximise their chances of accomplishing their mission of making up with her.

There was no glass kept near the water purifier so she started to search for one. One guy thought it to be the right time to try his luck. He approached her and provided her with his own water bottle. Since her fetching face kept hold of their eyes, nobody had noticed that she carried her own bottle which was safely kept inside her deep pocket.

Without replying a word she took out her bottle which crushed his chances then and there. After he left, she saw the doors of the lift closing and she started running towards it but the lift went up till she reached over there. This was a strong indication that she was going to use the lift so another guy tried out his luck.

He reached the lift before it would return down. As soon as the lift was about to reach the ground floor, she proceeded towards the washroom. The boy stood there with his mouth open as he was not able to believe his bad luck and departed thereafter.

Now only Raj and one more were left in the race. The price was in front of their eyes and their aim was crystal clear. After about two minutes she came out of the washroom. It was like two beasts competing for one beauty. None of them knew what they were going to do. So many instant rejections in front of them had made them wander a little but her unparallel beauty still kindled their longing for her.

They both entered the lift before she would leave and they would be left in the chasms of the unknown. She pressed the third button on the lift, probably the first part of her hostel address which would soon be followed by her room number and then her phone number.

As soon as the lift crossed the second floor, Raj grew very nervous and impatient. His hands started to shiver and he went completely blank. His mind echoed only one thing loud and clear, ‘Do something fast or you are going to loose her’. Well this was something that his mind was supposed to do, not he but he had literally no time left. It was either do or die.

Suddenly a loose thought flowed across his virtually empty brain which he immediately picked up but as soon as the lift door opened up on the third floor, since the other guy was standing ahead of him, it was him who was able to step out of the lift.

He went out of the lift and waited for her to keep her lovely feet out of the lift which would embark their relationship but instead of going out she pressed the fifth floor button. The door of the lift closed and his chapter was over. Raj was literally awestruck and couldn’t believe his luck. Now there was no one except him who was left in the competition.

He was gazing at her beauty and in just another ten seconds the fifth floor arrived. ‘So the almighty had planned our meeting only till here.’ thought Raj. He wanted to say a lot but didn’t have the knack to do it. Finally the door opened up. His heart and mind were at a trade off with each other. His heart had so many emotions to show but his brain had no words to express them.

His heart began to throb rapidly. His tongue ran dry and as soon as the door of the lift opened up, a cold sweat glissaded his spine. As soon as she stepped out and before his eyes were going to go wet, she turned back, instantly smiled and asked ‘hey if I am right, aren’t you the topper of the entrance exam’.

He was just mesmerized by her melodious voice and instantly replied with an affirmation. Before the lift would close it’s doors and his too, he jumped out of it.

She stretched out her beautiful palm and said ‘so nice to meet you. It would be great to be friends with you.’ He was stunned for a moment but somehow regained his senses.

She looked so ravishing even in her wheat coloured kurta and a pair of faded denim jeans. Her hands were very soft and delicate and that experience cannot be expressed merely by words. He was captivated by her charming voice, her aesthetic face, her upright dressing sense and everything connected to her no matter how miniscule or macro it may be.

She asked him if he could wait for a minute as she had to take some notes from her friend who resided on the fifth floor. He said a yes by asserting as much as he could and waited for her outside the lift.

Soon she came and they both went inside the lift. She told him that our course required strong mathematical concepts as a pre-requisite and that she was quite weak in it. He immediately replied ‘don’t worry I will teach you’. Well sometimes boasting may turn out to be good.

She invited him to her room and he couldn’t just believe what was going on! Though he was not a placid guy, he pinched himself to realise that this was not a dream. It was real and it was happening in his life.

Finally they went inside and he started teaching her and clearing all her doubts. Though it was very difficult for him to maintain his concentration level, he somehow tried to remain sober.

She liked his way of teaching so much that they started to study together daily either at her or his room or in the library. His eyes always searched for her. No matter whatever he did, his concentration dwindled without her. It was as if his soul was hungry for her existence. He did not realise when did that infatuation turned into what we call as love.

Her mere absence was his defeat and her mere presence, his victory. He had planned that he will express his feelings for her as soon as she will come but couldn’t. He tried tomorrow but failed again. Time passed by and their final semester exams came in. They had been together for the last four years together but still their relationship was unspecified. It was something more than friendship but less than love.

All along these four years he had loved her from the core of his heart but couldn’t ever gather the courage to propose her! Just a few days more and then they would be separated, probably for ever. Their relationship would end only due to his long silence.

Finally before their exams, the juniors had planned for a felicitation party. This was the last moment for him to either make it or break it! It was now or never!

He dressed the best that he could and went in with his friends. They reached pretty early and his eyes only waited for her. For the time being, he practiced his lines that he had already practiced a thousand times.

Finally she came to the venue with her friends. She was looking absolutely gorgeous and no less than an angel in her white lehenga! He just couldn’t move his eyes out of her. She saw him looking at her with his eyes wide open and then sat down with her friends.

Soon the DJ started and everyone began to groove to the music. His friends called him to the dance floor but he decided to practice his lines instead. After chanting it for the tenth time, he looked at her. Her ears were listening to the chit-chat of her friends but her eyes were glued onto him. Seeing this he got tensed and forgot what he had to say. He gave her a small grin and went out of the hall.

He took a long deep breath and then took out the piece of paper in which he had written his lines and again started chanting them. After about five minutes someone patted on his shoulder. He turned around to see and was shocked to see her.

His eyes bulged out of their sockets and that piece of paper fell down from his hand. Without saying a word to him, she bent down and picked it up and read it silently. A tear ran down her delicate cheeks and before he could do anything, she hugged him tightly and kissed him on his cheeks.

‘Why didn’t you tell me about your feelings. I had been waiting for you since four years. These all lines don’t matter to me as much your feelings do. Do you get it’.

He was literally awestruck by her response. He never knew that even she had been waiting for him. I did not know what to do so I stood there completely still.

She finally held his hand, delved deep into his eyes and said ‘I LOVE YOU’.

Without wasting any more time, he held her tight in his arms, gave her a strong and intentional kiss and finally said what he needed to,


They went in the lawn where there was no one else to disturb them. He raised her hand, whirled her twice, held her in his arms and they danced on the mild beats of the song that were audible from the hall.

7 thoughts on “HOW I MET HER

  1. A commendable effort. For me, the story telling is choppy, it doesn’t flow. I think the telling could be simpler.

    The english expressionism needs work.

    This line, awestruck is sufficient.
    He was literally awestruck by her response

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much for giving me your insights. I will definitely improve on it. I will regularly come up with new and exciting stories and i need from people like you so that i can improve my work. Please follow my blog.

      Liked by 1 person

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