A lady named Kavita used to teach at the local primary school which was about six kilometres from her home. She used to board the school bus and used to go along with her students.

Everyday used to be so delightful both for the students as well as for their teacher. They used to warble rhymes together and used to read out the names of the shops at the market place loudly as instructed by their teacher.

It used to be so much fun right from the time they would step inside the school bus in the morning and step out in the afternoon when they would all rush to hug their mothers who would always be waiting for them at the bus stop.

Even after so many steps have been undertaken by the government to ensure safety of children during their commute from their home to their school and vice versa, some disasters can neither be prevented nor undone.

Government has placed strict orders and framed austere punishments for those who try to go against it, but there is nothing that anybody can do for natural disasters. No matter how many laws we make, how many precautions we take, we cannot go against the decisions of the universal force.

Something similar happened one day. While everyone was busy singing rhymes, suddenly due to some technical problem, the back portion of the bus caught fire. A stupid man who was driving besides the bus threw the cigarette outside his car which by mistake went inside the exhaust pipe of the bus due to which it immediately flared-up.

The bus-driver jumped out of his seat and bus-conductor leaped out from the exit door leaving Mrs. Kavita solely responsible for herself as well as the children. She had no time to condemn such an act of cowardice because at anytime the fire would have become uncontrollable which could have been disastrous for her tiny tots.

She immediately ordered everyone to collect near the exit door. Each one of them came running towards their beloved teacher and accumulated near the exit door of the bus.

Seeing the bus on fire, everyone came running towards her and helped her in evacuating the children. She handed over the children inside the bus to the men who had come out of their vehicles in order to save the children.

After about two minutes all the children had finally been rescued and until then the fire brigade had also reached the scene. Immediately they came up in action and stabilised the fire before it would turn into a blaze.

All the children ran towards their teacher and wrapped around her, thanking her for saving their lives. Not only her dear students but also everyone standing over there clapped for her for such a courageous act which saved the lives of so many children.

She was felicitated on her school’s annual day for her courageous act. Not only this but she was even awarded the national bravery award by the president of the country the next year on the republic day.

Soon she became an icon as she was published in many daily periodicals and was telecasted in many news channels. She still teaches her fellow young students but with an increased love and compassion for them in her heart. The people have installed her statue at the city town hall so that she could be remembered for displaying her exemplary courage and valour for many generations to come.

Salute to such a lady!

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