What do we understand by the term GOD? Think for a while. Those who are interested in expanding the term “GOD” may term it as Generator, Operator and Destroyer isn’t it.

Well you are right in that sense.

He is the generator as he has created us! He is the operator as it is due to him we enjoy all the pleasure of this mortal world! And it is due to him that we depart from this world only to return again!

Happens to be a very easy going and a simple definition of the almighty but there is nothing wrong in it as we humans have been doing it from time immemorial.

When we can’t comprehend the magnitude of something and if that “something” is as big as GOD himself, we often tend to find out simpler ways to explain it to others, but only others not us. We are always in constant search to find out the correct explanation behind the existence of the omnipresent, the omniscient.

We are in search of this answer right from our existence though our methodologies and ideologies have changed significantly.

In the stone age we used to feel his presence by worshiping him in the form of idols, by designating all the natural objects such as the Moon, the Sun, the Wind, the Water and everything else which had either a direct or an indirect impact on us as God’s.

Nothing has changed much today either. Though we live in this technology and logic dominant world, we still are bound to our age old beliefs. We still have idols in our home whom we worship with specific time for offerings, we still believe celestial objects such as the moon as God, though many have stepped on it.

So what’s the difference!

Or should I say what is the similarity!

Why do we still want to believe on such age old myths and traditions!

What is that thing that prohibits us to believe our logic rather impels us to trust our inner conscience.

It’s because something within us makes us believe that God is ubiquitous, that he is omnipresent, that he is omniscient.

No matter how much we run from this fact but we always get back to this. There is no one like an atheist. They are those people who are always in search of facts and information through which they can disprove the presence of the almighty but this forage is never ending.

Do you know why?

Because being life forms they too share the same connection with the universal force as we do and to avoid it or escape that, they are always in search for newer and better logical explanations as compared to their previous one’s.

So again coming back to the same question!

What’s the difference or the similarity? And what is the reason behind the logic?

The answer is simple. It’s because God is ubiquitous. He is omnipresent. He always makes us realise his presence.

A theist sees it as the beauty of the nature, he feels his divineness all around, he sees godliness in every act of nature no matter how miniscule or macro it may be.

On the contrary, the atheist finds out logical and rational means to disprove his existence and is always trapped in the never ending refute with his inner conscience which makes him believe his presence.

Two so contradicting personalities who either love him or hate him, but neither of them ignores him.

Well there is no means to see him or hear him or talk with him since there is nothing like “GODSAPP” but the only thing that binds us all is his omnipresence. He is ubiquitous and something inside us makes us believe in it no matter how far we run from it.

Are you a theist or an atheist? And why do you consider yourself so? Please mention in the comments below.


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