Let us take a look at this verse given in Bhagwad Geeta:

karmay evādhikāras te

mā phaleu kadācana

mā karma-phala-hetur bhūr

mā te sago ‘stv akarmai

It says that we have the right to perform our duties but we are not entitled to the fruits of action. We should never consider ourselves to be the cause of the result of our activities and should never be attached to not doing our duty.

He explains that if we do deeds which harm others then we will be arrested by iron chains and on the other hand if we do deeds with expectations to achieve something in our mind then we will be arrested with chains of gold. Here iron chain signifies all types of suffering and gold chains indicate all types of enjoyement but in neither case we will achieve total salvation which is the main purpose of our life.

He says that we should perform our duties without caring about the results of the activities because if we get attached to the result, then we will either enjoy or suffer the results of such actions. Any attachment either positive or negative is the cause of bondage and due to this we will not be able to achieve liberation but this does not mean that we do not do any action as “inaction” is sinful.

Work done without thinking about the results are auspicious and lead to salvation.

Hence Shri Krishna tells us that we must perform our duties without attachment to the result.

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