Finally the secret is here. These 25 points are the only things that a girl wants in you. Let’s start with our journey.

1. HONESTY: Yes you need to be honest. This is a strong indicator that she can share everything with you and vice-versa and it helps her build confidence over you. Always remember that honesty is the base of any relationship and the popular adage “HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY” truly holds here. Though brutal honesty is not required because it shows that you cannot plan out and make your decisions on your own and will always surrender to the whims of the girl which is a major set off for her.

2. UNDERSTANDING: Yes you have to be understanding. You have to understand what she says and why, her dressing sense, her way of speaking, her eating habits, her stature and guess what, you even have to know what are things that make her smile. You have to know her “TURN-ONS” and “TURN-OFFS”. Understanding makes her believe that you care for her and in the long run you will be with her when she requires you the most and believe me guys, this is all what she expects from you.

3. CARING: The most important thing, Care for her! You are the man. She needs care from you. This is in her nature. BUT BUT BUT!!! Times have changed and so has the demands. Apart from physical care she also needs mental care from you. Yes it is true. She not only needs a man who can wipe off her tears but also ask her the reason for her tears.

4. STRENGTH: Be her strength, whenever and wherever she requires. No matter what happens you will have to stand up for her. If someone tries to steal her independence, STAND UP FOR HER! If someone tries to say something against her, STAND UP FOR HER! If someone tries to make her feel embarrassed, STAND UP FOR HER! You have to be her physical as well as mental strength.

5. COMPASSION: If you want to make it to her wish list, you have to be compassionate. Believe me guys, this is one quality that they truly admire. You don’t only have to be compassionate only to the girl or her relatives(which also includes her pets) but also to everyone! Yes EVERYONE! It would always be a good idea to pour a 1 rupee coin into a beggar’s pocket. Being compassionate gives out a loud and clear message to her that you are not only involved with your happiness but also know how to distribute it among others. A trait every mother wants in the father of her children ( Hope you understand!).

6. SECURITY: Compelled by her nature, she needs to guy who is financially secure. This is many a times the most important pre-requisite that attracts a girl. You have to have a well settled life and above all a well established source of income till the time you believe that another guy is gonna feed her babies. Believe me guys this is although not the most desirable yet the most important factor a girl seeks in a man. On the contrary, not only financial security but also literal security. Being rich like “BILL GATES” doesn’t always guarantee that you are as intelligent as “EINSTEIN”. A good mixture of both would is something that she is looking for.

7. LOYALTY: Don’t neglect this feature guys. Not being loyal can be a major turn off for women and many a times the reason for break-ups and even a divorce. If she knows you are loyal, she will be able to trust you under any circumstance but being loyal doesn’t mean that you become her pet dog. You wag you tail when she says so. A BIG NO! Such brutal loyalty is not required or you will loose her respect for you.

8. SURPRISES: Everyone likes surprises including both men and women but for women it’s something more than just a gift. It’s a token of love for them. It shows how much you care for them. It doesn’t mean you gift them a brand new car or a house or a new house every weekend. A small bunch of roses or a chocolate box would be an up to the mark gift. An unplanned dinner on a weekend would be an icing on the cake.

9. TALK WITH THEM: You have to talk with them no matter how dumb it may sound or feel like. They feel very relaxed after talking. Sometimes the talk may be pretty mundane but adjust somehow. They will soon feel relaxed and after that she will definitely reciprocate her feelings by making you feel that she is all your’s.

10. SHOW THAT YOU BELIEVE IN THEM: This is one of the most important point. Whenever they say something to you believe it(even though it sometimes makes no sense). This is one of the things that make them feel that you truly care for them. Most women select their partner based upon this quality alone so please believe in them.

11. APPRECIATE THEM: Everyone likes appreciation. Both men and women alike but women have got a repository of a lot of things for which they can be and should be appreciated for. Appreciate her for her beautiful smile, her lovely eyes, her good sense of clothing etc but not too much or it may make her feel insecure and show you as a predator who just wants to get her by flattering.

12. MAKE THEM FEEL LIKE IT’S A TEAM: Yes you heard it right. Women always believe in team work. They are not solitary beings like most men are. It’s never about how far “I” have come or achieved rather its about how far “we” have come or achieved. Its always about “WE” never “I”. So always uphold the team spirit.

13. STAND UP FOR HER:  No matter what happens you will always have to be a man over whom she can depend and rely upon. You have to be her pillar of strength. You will have to be there in her good as well as bad times. You are the man and you will have to stand up for her. If you don’t, you are bound to loose your respect and at the last the girl itself.

14. SENSE OF HUMOUR: You must know how to make her laugh. You should be able to change her mood typically when she is sad. Having a good sense of humour indicates that you are fun loving and the girl will never get bored from you. Humour can sometimes act as a strong connection between you and her. Believe it or not! It’s the best way to show her that you are interested in her and she will respond likewise. You can look at the charm at her face.

15. INDEPENDENCE: Guys! This is the only thing that she demands from you. Independence! Though she will never say it orally (though some may) but she would show it through her actions. Time has changed and so shall we. Confining and controlling every decision in a girl’s life must not be our motto any more. These days girls test this parameter before getting into a relationship. If you can’t guarantee a girl her freedom you don’t have any right to have her as well.

16. CONFIDENCE: According to various psychological tests conducted by world renowned universities and research labs, Confidence has been voted as the most important trait that a girl looks in a man. If you have the confidence, you can win over her easily. She will for sure judge you on this. For eg. in parties while talking with new people, while talking with her friends and family etc. So guys don’t forget to brush up your confidence skills.

17. AMBITION: One more important quality of a man to look up is ambition. A real man is always ambitious, always in search for something new and something to achieve. if you are not ambitious then you can turn out to be quite boring for your girl. A women always likes to support her man in whatever he endeavours, but without passion there is nothing that you may endeavour and hence a woman may fail to understand her role in your life. So be ambitious.

18. PASSION: Quite similar to ambition. A man has to be passionate about achieving his goals. Bigger is the ambition, more will a man be passionate about it. Compelled by her nature, she will definitely support you in your endeavour. In short she will find a meaning In your life and will get a way to be attached to you.

19. LOOKS: Ahhh and here it is! This is what most of you have been waiting for! Looks matter a lot, specially more at the beginning. As the popular adage goes “FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION” and mind you guys, this holds very well over here. Your looks mean a lot to them. It’s better that you dress well, shave well and comb well to increase your chances. Wearing either loose or tight clothes are going to hamper your chances. Cleanliness is a must!!!

20. INTELLIGENCE: Everyone likes to be associated with intelligence and so do girls. Looks are important, no doubts about that but a girl needs a man of substance. This is more important in the later stages of life where “IF YOU HAVE MONEY, YOU HAVE EVERYTHING” and she knows this very well. It’s money that will take care of her, her children and her desires and no matter how much you deny, in the present world intelligence is directly proportional to money.

21. SOCIABILITY AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Everybody knows how much girls love to talk. It’s their way to relax and to let know her man know about her, her desires, her mood-ons and mood-offs. She does not want you to listen to her like a statue with your mouth zipped (though sometimes we cannot be sure about it). You not only have to listen her but also make her feel comfortable and relaxed. A light pat on her shoulder or a kiss would just be fine.

22. POSITIVITY: This is a strong point on which she will judge you. Everybody likes positivity around them. Not being positive can be a strong dislike for women as well. Positivity shows your confidence and that is what women admire. So carry a  positive attitude.

23. RESPECT: In many worldwide tests, women have marked respect as the major trait along with confidence that they would like to see in a man. A woman is readily drawn to a man who knows how to show respect for her. Whether it may be his polite speaking or his manners, it works as a magnet for a women. After all a man who can respect is the one whom she feels safe with.

24. PATIENCE: Patience plays a vital role in the long list(as we have been seeing above) of all the traits that a girl wants in her man! You have to display patience in your life as well as the decisions that you make. Taking wise decisions is a hell lot important than taking more decisions. Decision making plays a critical role not only in one’s life but also in the people connected with you and she knows this fact well. So learn to be patient.

25. MONEY: This topic is pretty debatable. For some it does not play a very vital role but for some it’s very important. Money in today’s materialistic world can literally guarantee you anything( sorry “EVERYTHING”). Today, money is looked onto as a symbol of excellence. It can not only fulfill your desires but also brings a social standing with it. Remember that woman care more about their social standing but they do know that money is the thing that guarantees it to them. Money can sometimes play a very decisive role in a woman being attracted towards you and it is increasing day by day. One more important thing to note is that most things that attract a woman towards a man like his looks and intelligence are difficult to work upon. You can never get a new face or a new brain(can you!!!) but these things can be equalised by MONEY.

These are the most important 25 things that a woman desires in a man! If you know about any more qualities then please share it in the comment box below.

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