Everyone loves to talk about dinosaurs. Their size ranging from the tiniest to being colossal is the one thing that makes them a matter of such debate.

Moreover there diverse shapes where some have huge necks equivalent to a 10 storey building or even higher. Some had so sharp teeth which could literally tear anything apart. Some had spikes on their back which could poke the hell out anyone.

Dinosaurs included the fastest, strongest, tallest and the largest animals ever to roam on this planet.

These are the things which make them a point of interest for humans and make them sound cool.

Well lets take a look on one such being, which is the tallest ever being to roam on planet Earth.



This is one of the most famous dinosaurs of all time. Let’s see some of the features that make it so deserving to be in the list.

1. They were the tallest four feet animals to ever walk on our planet.

2. They existed about 130 million years ago.

3. They could not chew so they swallowed the complete plant as a whole.

4. They also swallowed gastroliths (stomach stones) along with the plants which churned with the plants and helped to break them down into smaller and finer pieces.

5. Since there bodies were very large therefore they had to always keep on feeding their enormous bodies.

6. It required about 120 kilograms of fodder a day.

7. Their teeth  were spoon shaped which helped them to pull things out from the tree.

8. Their weight was about 100 tonnes.

9. The bones were first discovered by Elmer S Riggs in 1903 in the grand river canyon in western Colorado.

10. Recent researches have suggested it to be a warm blooded animal.

11. The size of brachiosaurus has been expected to be of about 26 metres(85 feet) but recent studies have said that it was about 9 metres(30 feet) tall.

12. The size of their neck was about 15 metres (50 feet).

13. Their neck was 6 times longer than a giraffe.

14. About 60% of the neck was made up of air which made it easier to support long chains of interconnected bones.

15. The size of their femur (thigh) was about 6.5 feet. (Its thigh was longer than most of the humans on this planet.)

16. One of the reason that scientists believe that they had such long necks is so that they could have reached atop the trees and eat as they depended only on foliage.

17. The other reason that they think is that long necks were sexually attractive. The males used it to fight each other so as to win over the female

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