From Ignorance to Enlightenment

Once upon a time there was a great king.

The people respected him for his modest and righteous nature and supported him in every decision.

One day he went to the forest for hunting. On the way he spotted a ghoul. The king approached the ghoul fearlessly and asked him to leave his kingdom at once.

The ghoul said that he has been cursed by a hermit who lives in the next kingdom that he can never cross the limits of this kingdom.

The king thought that if the ghoul stayed in his kingdom then the people will get scared and may later blame their king for letting him stay in the kingdom.

So he decided to kill him. The ghoul asked for mercy and pleaded before the king to spare his life. He reminded him of his modest and righteousness nature and asked him to understand his situation.

The king thought for a moment and concluded that he cannot punish him only because he is a ghoul.

So the king spared his life and allowed him to stay in his kingdom but restricted his access so as to avoid any kind of tension in his kingdom.

He said that he can only stay in crematoriums and forests that are on the outskirts of his kingdom as these were the places where he would never interact with a human.

But the ghoul asked him for more places and promised that he would never interact with any human.

Seeing him pleading, the king allowed him to stay wherever there is greed, sorrow, lust, unemployement, betrayal and where people fight over property as he thought that his kingdom was perfect and none of the above prevailed there.

The ghoul bowed down before the king and vanished.

From the next day onwards, tension started rising in the kingdom. People were killing each other over petty property issues. Many people expressed their sorrow over the kingdom’s policies due to which they did not get any employement.

When he asked his ministers about the ongoings and the current affairs of his empire, they pretended that everything is as usual and the king need not worry about anything. In short they betrayed their king.

The king thought over the matter while on his bed at night and he realised that what he thought was not true. Their were so many problems that his people had been facing but he never came to know about it and now that it had reached its threshold, the people were behaving like this. He felt ashamed of himself on being so ignorant.

Suddenly it occured to him that the current outcry had something to do with the ghoul.

He found that the subjects of all the problems were the places where he had allowed the ghoul to live in.

He planned to go at the spot where he had first spotted the ghoul, so the next morning he went in the forest. He searched everywhere but he couldn’t find the ghoul.

Suddenly it struck him that the ghoul had been cursed by a hermit living in the next kingdom.

He immediately sat on his chariot and went to his hermitage.

As soon as he reached there, he fell on the hermits feet and told him about the ghoul and pleaded him to save his kingdom before its doomed.

The hermit smiled, picked him up and told him that it was him who had summoned the ghoul.

The king was shocked and asked him why.

The hermit replied that he wanted the king to realise that his kingdom was not perfect and the ghoul acted as a catalyst to encourage people to bring out their problems infront of their king.

The king promised that henceforth he would not just rely on his ministers opinions and official reports that are biased but rather would himself go out to know about the problems that the common people in his kingdom face.

The hermit realised that the king had finally understood the lesson and therefore called the ghoul back.

Thus the king went back to his kingdom but with a totally new perspective and outlook. Henceforth he relied more on what he saw than what he was shown. He believed more on what he heard rather than what he was made to hear.

Thus the king grew from being an ignorant to an enlightened leader.

We have so many negative attributes yet we dont pay any heed to them due to our ignorance.

Like the hermit, we must summon ghouls that act as catalysts which breaks our slumber of ignorance and thus enlightens our mind.

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