Care for your Well Wishers

Once there was a mighty and powerful lion.

He killed every other lion, fathered the children of every lioness and thus proclaimed himself as the king of the jungle.

The lionesses were very happy because they thought that lion was so strong that he could easily kill any prey and therefore there would never be any shortage of food for them as well as their children.

But the lion was so stubborn and proud of his power that he didn’t care about anyone else, instead he threatened the lionesses to hunt and bring the food for him.

The lion used to sleep for about 20 hours a day and during the left over time, he used to eat what the lionesses used to hunt.

He was so big that he used to eat the major portion of the kill and his family used to feed on the left overs.

Time passed by and the lion grew old. He was not as strong and as agile as he used to be in his adolescence. Still the lionesses continued to hunt to feed not only their children but also him.

One day three adult lions came inside their territory and roared in order to challenge the strong lion.

This irked the strong lion and he ran towards the source of the roar in order to stop the intrusion in his territory.

The lionesses along with their adoloscent children followed him. Although they knew that he was very strong but the reason of their trepidation was his old age.

After about 10 minutes they reached the source of the roar and dreaded the presence of 3 adult lions in their prime.

The lionesses advised him to have a well planned strategy but the lion who was over proud about his strength, jumped into the battle without paying any heed to the advice of his family members.

He jumped over the first lion and crushed him under his weight. Then he caught hold of the 2nd one but the 3rd one caught hold of his legs.

The strong lion lost his grip on the 2nd one and flipped his position in order to kill the 3rd lion.

As soon as he did that, the 2nd lion attacked him from behind. After some time even the 1st lion recovered and they three together charged over him.

Soon the strong lion was gravely injured and was bleeding profusely. He was breathing his last breaths and saw his family for the last time with tears in his eyes.

Suddenly the pride of lionesses and their cubs charged over this small coalition of 3 lions and due to their sheer large size, they outnumbered them.

The 3 lions could do nothing more than to run for their lives and were dragged out of the territory.

All of them helped the injured lion and cared for him without expecting anything in return.

They still gave him the major chunk of the hunt and still used to treat him as the king of the jungle.

It took him a year to revive and stand upon his feet. As soon as he got up he went to his family members and asked them to forgive him.

It was due to his family who were his well wishers that he was still alive. Had they not been there to fight the intruders and had they not cared for him, he would have been long dead.

He promised them that he too would go along with them for the hunt and everyone would get the same share. Moreover he said that he would indulge himself with the family proceedings.

Everyone rejoiced and cheered after hearing this and from next day onwards the lion kept his promise and the family lived happily ever after.

We often don’t care about others and usually neglect our well wishers because of our stubborness and ego and because we dont see any short term profits in it but its better to take some learning from the lion before nature explains it in its own brutal way.

7 thoughts on “Care for your Well Wishers

  1. Psychological aspect is this that might is right ,but then what about the sufferings of family for such long duration ,one can’t wait for old age etc ,live in present and do good at the moment you have

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