The Following Numbers

One, the man came in but was light,
Two, he started extending his appetite,
Three, he saw the cook book on his right,
Four, he saw the ingredients on his left side.

Five, was interested in putting everything in his diet,
Six, then he started searching for his kite,
Seven, gave a rusty look at his sight,
Eight, switched on the light.

Nine, started putting on the tie,
Ten, pushed his car with all his might,
Eleven, was wearing a pant that was tight,
Twelve, got ready with it to fight.

Thirteen, the ant suddenly him bite,
Fourteen, like a baby he cried,
Fifteen, to colour his hair he purchased a black dye,
Sixteen, on the way he ate an apple pie.

Seventeen, he caught hold of a mice,
Eighteen, he threw it outside,
Nineteen, he felt hot as the sun was very bright,
Twenty, hence he went to the kitchen to fetch ice.

Twenty one, he went out for a drive,
Twenty two, he saw a beautiful girl over the dias,
Twenty three, he proposed her with all his might,
Twenty four, she accepted with a wide smile.

Twenty five, he purchased a wedding gown for his bride,
Twenty six, they went to marry in a shrine,
Twenty seven, soon they had lots of kids who grew bright,
Twenty eight, they lived happily ever after all throughout their life.

For the numbers you have followed so high,
There were more to follow inspite,
Despite of having the numbers fright,
They are the basic things that build up our pride.

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