Love, happiness and respect cant be purchased rather earned

Once there was a rich man who was very proud of his wealth and did not pay any heed to others.

He owned almost everything in the city ranging from buildings to schools and from hospitals to crematoriums but he was so self obsessed that he never helped any needy, instead he forced hefty charges on them who had no other choice except to take his services.

Even the local government had to frame most of their policies according to his interest and will as he had threatened the local government to shut down his companies as he possessed all the major enterprises in the city.

One day while travelling along the country side he was walking along the shore. After about 30 minutes he felt tired and hungry and went to the cafetaria to relax and eat.

As soon as he reached there, every shop owner started to run after him to sell their products except one who calmly stood at his shop smiling at what he saw.

The rich man got up and approached the shopkeeper and asked him why did he laugh. The shopkeeper told that he laughed thinking about the reason why these shopkeepers were running after him.

The rich man arrogantly said that the reason that they all were runing behind him was because everyone liked him. The shopkeeper laughed again and told him that its not him but his money that people run after.

The rich man egoistically said that he can buy anything even intangible things like love, happiness and respect. The shopkeeper laughed again and the rich man grew furious.

The shopkeeper asked the rich man to stay with him for just 1 day and he would prove him wrong. The rich man thought to teach him a lesson and readily accepted the challenge and said that if he lost then he shall give away his entire wealth to him.

First of all the shopkeeper asked the rich man to drive to an orphanage. They went inside and met an year old orphan boy lying on the cot.

The shopkeeper asked the rich man to do whatever he could so that the baby would kiss him which would prove that he can buy love.

The rich man brought various kinds of chocolates, sweets, toys and gave it all to the baby but the baby did not give any reaction. After the rich man made various unsuccessful attempts, the shopkeeper picked up the baby and kissed him on his cheeks. The baby smiled and kissed him back. The rich man was stunned to see this and grew angry on the fact that he couldn’t buy love.

After that the shopkeeper asked the rich man to arrange for a meeting which would include all the employees ranging from the CEO of the company to the security guard who sat outside the office compound.

After sometime the meeting started and the shopkeeper asked the CEO of the company whether he was happy. The CEO replied that yes he was but he would have been happier if the company could grant him more holidays and perks. Then he asked the lower grade employees the same question. They replied that they were happy but would have been happier if they had been given a rise in their salary. At last he asked the same question to the security guard and even he answered that a hike in his salary would make him happier.

After the meeting was over, the shopkeeper asked the rich man to come to his shop and ask the same question to his employees. The rich man asked the accountant of the shop whether he was happy and he replied yes. He further asked the employees and even they replied with a yes. He told them that if they work at his company, then they can be even happier. All of them smiled and said that why would one want to be happier if one is already happiest. The rich man stood awestruck and asked them the reason behind their happiness.

They replied that the shopkeeper does not provide them happiness by giving them money but rather by his actions.

If any employee meets with an accident then he not only gives him money but personally comes to ask about the victims condition. If an employee needs a loan then he sanctions it without asking for any interest on it. Every year he plans a tour not only for his employees but their families as well. They told him that he had a personal involvement in their lives rather than just seeing them as assets like the rich man and thus they were happy.

The rich man didn’t say a word and become furious on the fact that he couldn’t buy happiness.

At last, the shopkeeper asked the rich man to travel to a nearby old age home. They went inside and met all the elderly people and as soon as they saw the shopkeeper, they all approached him with a wide grin across their faces and blessed him. Nobody approached the rich man although he was the trustee of the old age home. The rich man lost his patience and asked them why didn’t anyone even notice him though they were living in his old age home.

All of them replied that the old age home asked them to pay money for staying and eating over there and did not pay any heed to them even when they told them that they were poor and were unable to pay for themselves. It was the shopkeeper that came for their help and he is the one who pays for their monthly expenses.

The shopkeeper had lunch with them, hugged them all, paid their expenses for the present month and promised to meet them the next month.

The rich man sobbed after learning the fact that even after becoming a multi billionaire, he was unable to give people love and happiness and even couldn’t earn their respect and thus broke down infront of the shopkeeper.

He thanked the shopkeeper for teaching him a lesson and for destroying his ego. The shopkeeper smiled, patted him and reminded him that he has bilions of dollars and can prove to be more useful than him.

The rich man promised him that he would use his money for the benefit of all and shall never try to buy love, happiness and respect rather will try to earn them.

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