Forgiveness and Calmness are the attribute of the strong


Once upon a time all the colours of the rainbow were fighting to prove their dominance and declare themselves as the king of all the colours.

Red said that it forms the biggest arc in the rainbow, therefore it is the king. Violet said it is the first and the foremost arc of the rainbow and thus it is the king. Blue said that it is spread all over the sky and the oceans therefore it is the king. Yellow said that is the colour of the sun which makes life possible and therefore it is the king and green said that it is the colour of all the trees, grass and vegetation which is the life itself and thus it is the king.

Everybody was fighting among themselves but they couldn’t reach a consensus.

Suddenly white colour came and asked everyone to keep calm and not to fight but instead of listening to it, they all started making fun of it and started teasing it of its colourless attribute.

Infuriated by what it saw, the king of the cosmos and space i.e black invoked itself and absorbed all the colours except white.

All of them suffered excruciating pain as they were compressed to a point. As soon as this happened, they became dimensionless and lost their individual significance. Finally they intermingled with each other and transformed into white.

Black taught them that when united, all the colours form white.

All of them realised their mistake and apologised to white. The White colour instantly forgave everyone and all the colours unanimously chose white as their king.

3 thoughts on “Forgiveness and Calmness are the attribute of the strong

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