Focus is the key to success


Once there were 2 boys. Both of them studied in the same school and in the same college. After passing out their college, both of them joined the same company.

One out of the two being passionate, started his own venture. He started an IT company selling anti viruses to bigger software companies and in a matter of an year became wealthy.

Seeing this the other guy also copied him, thinking to turn his fortunes overnight and started to develop anti virus softwares but on the contrary he suffered a big loss.

He thought that developing IT related products was not his cup of tea so he pooled his resources and opened up a furniture company instead but like his previous venture, he was not able to sell his products and the next month he quit.

He again thought to try his luck for one last time and collected whatever resources he had and opened up a grocery store but due to intense competition from the nearby grocery vendors and due to his inability to make quick money as he had expected, he finally quit from his 3rd venture as well.

He went bankrupt and broke down, cursing himself for his bad luck. From the next day onwards all his investors started to ask for their money and threatened him to complain to the police if he didn’t return their money before the stipulated time.

When he saw no other way to escape, he decided to suicide. He messaged his friend wishing him a final good bye.

His friend who was now a multi millionaire, came rushing in to save his dear friend. He asked him that what made him take such a drastic step and he replied; continued failure.

The rich guy laughed and asked him how long did he try for a particular venture and he replied that he gave up in a month because he was not able to earn like him.

Then the rich guy told him that he too failed many a times when he started his business but he didn’t loose hope and was focussed to make it big.

He hugged his friend and instantly gave him a check so as to settle all his dues with his investors and also promised to invest in his next venture provided he doesn’t loose his focus and strives hard.

He promised him and soon started a taxi service. He couldn’t make any profit for the first month but he didn’t give up this time rather he tried to find the shortcomings and corrected them.

Slowly and steadily his company began to grow, his profits increased dramatically and after a period of 5 months he opened up his services in 3 other cities.

Hence he learned that it was not that his friend was born lucky or his business acumen was God-gifted rather he was passionate and focussed at what he did which was the reason for his success.

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