Power must be used to uphold justice


Once upon a time there was a man who had 20 hands and 20 legs. He killed anyone who stood against him. In a short period of time he won all the kingdoms on the Earth.

After winning the whole Earth, he marched towards the heaven and dominated it.

Realising that there was no one on the Earth and the heaven who could stand against his immense power, he thought of conquering God.

After a long journey, he finally reached his abode and openly challenged him.

Suddenly he saw a man similar to him at his back having 19 hands and 19 legs. Soon he was surrounded by them from all directions.

They came closer, held him and cut off his 19 heads and 19 legs.

Now that he had lost his extra heads and legs, he was no more powerful as before and therefore lost his kingdom.

He thought that God had done injustice to him and thus he planned to suicide.

Suddenly God appeared infront of him and asked him to introspect himself and think whether what he did with others was justice?

He immediately realised that he used his immense power for creating chaos and destruction everywhere and most importantly for harassing the weak thereby seeking out injustice to everyone.

At once he accepted his fault and surrendered to God. As soon as he opened up his eyes, he saw his 19 hands and 19 legs back.

He got up on his feet, thanked God for his kindness and promised him that thereafter he would use his power not to harress the weak rather to provide them protection and seek out justice to them.

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