Help others and have a positive impact on the society


Once there were two friends. Both graduated from the same college and got an equal salary package.

After that they got married and got well settled in their lives.

One of them was very helpful in nature. Instead of wasting his time in leisurely activities like watching television, wasting money in casinos and expensive hotels like his friend, he visited various temples acquiring spiritual knowledge, got involved with many study groups thus digging out new facts and information and he also got involved with various NGO’s where he would regularly go for an hour, interact with physically challenged people and learn about their needs.

After gaining the much needed experience and insight for a year, he thought of starting an old age home and an orphanage to support those people who didn’t have any relatives.

As more and more people came in, their demands increased. Their demands not only fulfilled their needs but they also helped many small businesses to flourish and prosper like local garments vendor, local food vendors only to name a few.

The old and elderly people shared their experience and knowledge with the orphan children and fulfilled the role of a parent in their lives.

The man who started the orphanage was able to strike a deal with a private school and they happily agreed to sponsor the education of the children living in the orphanage. Thus due to their good education and good virtues from the elderly at the orphanage, they not only landed up having good jobs but also took care of the elderly people. Thus in a way they reciprocated their favour.

Though being settled in their lives, they donated a part of their monthly income to support the orphanage and the old age home with its proceedings. Due to its popularity, it garnered support from people across all ages, classes and religion and soon many branches were opened all across the country.

His friend continued to live in his own leisurely way earning the same amount all through his life without creating any impact in the society whereas on the other hand, the protagonist of the story not only helped the orphans and the elderly people to survive but also helped small businesses to flourish thereby having an impact on the society.

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