What you sow is what you reap


Once there were two families. The parents of one family were strict and scolded their children for not studying the whole day. They neither let their children go out to play nor did they go for any picnic in the holidays.

On ther hand there was another family who was quite opposite. Instead of scolding their children, they made them realise the importance of studies in their life. Also they maintained a daily routine to play outdoor games and planned family visits to various places during their summer and winter vacations.

This is how the children in both the families grew up.

In the former family, the children had no fun at all and they were always haunted to get good marks. Thus it was their achievements that bind them with their parents whereas in the latter family, the children were emotionally connected with their parents. Instead of scolding, their parents guided them which helped them to recognize and realise their mistakes and they corrected it.

In the former, it was all about winning and loosing and in the latter, it was about love and compassion. In the former, the children realised that they could become more likable and come closer to their parents only if they achieved something so they tried to achieve as much material success as they could and thereby became selfish and shrewd.

On the other hand in the latter family, both the parents and children had mutual importance. There wasn’t an atmosphere of fear rather of free will and compassion. They were taught not only to achieve but also to implement it for the benefit of others.

Days past bye, the children grew up and their parents grew old.

The children of the latter family still stayed along with their parents and helped them with their daily chores. Now it was them who took care of their parents. They planned visits to various places and enjoyed every moment of togetherness. In short, the children reciprocated their parents favour.

On the other hand the children of the former family had settled abroad and used to send a money draft each month to their parents. They didn’t go on any trips and neither helped their old parents when they needed them the most since they were busy with their work all the time.

Thus the parents of the former family now realised the grave blunder that they had committed and repented on their loss till the end whereas the latter family lived happily forever.

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