Bad actions have bad outcomes


Once there was a large mango tree with ripe mangoes hanging on it. One day the owner of the farm planted a small mango plant besides it.

The large mango tree got irritated and saw it as a future competition so it decided that it would not let the new plant grow into a tree like itself.

So first of all taking the advantage of its height, it blocked the sunlight from reaching the small plant.

Then it elongated its root and did not allow the small plant to absorb minerals from beneath the ground.

During the night time it exhaled thrice the amount of carbon dioxide thereby creating it difficult for the small plant to even breathe properly.

After a few days, there was a devastating storm that struck the village. Everybody packed their belongings and decided to run before the cyclone would desolate them.

The owner came to his farm for one last time and saw the big and the small mango plant. Though he wanted to carry the big mango tree with him as it gave him ripe mangoes twice a year but due to its sheer size he was unable to do so.

So instead he plucked all its mangoes and then plucked the small mango plant since it was small enough to be carried and ran away, leaving the big mango tree to be uprooted in the storm and hence die.

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