Too much of boasting leads to self destruction


Once there were two male and one female mosquitoe. Both the male mosquitoes competed with each other to prove their dominance and to attract the female mosquito so as to continue their progeny.

One of them tended to demean the other one by making fun of him and by boasting about himself.

One day, the boastful mosquito challenged his contendor to fly near a human, bite him thrice on his forehead and return.

The second mosquito was very scared but he had no other choice else than to accept the challenge or he would have to loose the female mosquito.

He started to fly towards the human but as soon as he reached close to him, the human tried to crush him between his hands.

The mosquito out of fear, turned back and returned before he would have been crushed to death.

The boastful mosquito laughed at him and asked them both to carefully observe the courageous act that he was going to perform.

He flew across the room to the human who was lying asleep and sat on his forehead. He waved to the other mosquitoes in order to show how brave he is.

Instead of biting on the forehead and returning, he started to tease the other male mosquito by buzzing all across the face of the human.

Suddenly the human woke up, picked up an electric racket and waved it in the air thereby entrapping the boastful mosquito within it. Thus the boastful mosquito was electrocuted and died.

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