Overconfidence is the key to failure


Once there were two clocks in a store which were beautifully wrapped and were ready to be sold.

On one of the clocks, the time displayed was 10 hours and 10 minutes and on the other clock the time displayed was
6 hours and 30 minutes.

The first clock teased the second clock because of the abrupt arrangement of the hour and minute needle on it and was overconfident of the fact that he would sell due to the perfect arrangement of the hour and the minute needle on it.

Next day a couple visited the store to buy a clock. They saw both the clocks. The first clock presented itself boastfully while the second one was calm and serene as ever.

Without wasting any time, the woman grabbed the second clock and started to cry. She told her husband that their baby was born at 6:30 a.m the last month and this clock reminds her of that special moment. She couldn’t keep the clock back and asked her husband to buy it.

The couple bought the second clock and went to their home leaving the overconfident clock behind.

Thus the first clock learned the lesson and thus relinquished its overconfidence.

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