Power must be used to uphold justice

Powerful people often misuse their power and forget that it must be used to safeguard the interest of the weak and seek them justice.

Moral stories that enlighten

No matter how big, rich or powerful we become, its our moral values that make us humans. For a better future and for a better generation, lets instill these long forgotten moral values within us by not only reading and imbibing but by understanding and implementing. Start your journey with moral stories that enlighten and not only hope but “do” for a better and brighter future.

The Following Numbers

One, the man came in but was light, Two, he started extending his appetite, Three, he saw the cook book on his right, Four, he saw the ingredients on his left side. Five, was interested in putting everything in his diet, Six, then he started searching for his kite, Seven, gave a rusty look at…