Something New

Invention or sensation, A new pace to something new A pen or a lighter, A whole dimension new and brighter Generation or calculation, A new place to something new A fan or a kite, A whole new world of light Succession or depression, A new place to something new A bat or a bike, A…


High speed or low drag, common or rare, unexpected or rudimentary, Sample any? Banal or original, acute or chronic, sometimes its an enigma, Sample any? In myriad or in ephemeral, requisition of proof and evidence, putative or uncommon Sample any?

The Multiverse of Entity

It was a dense matter of all first, before there was an infinite space, substantially grew the hydrogen atoms, then the molecules, stars, galaxies and all of them chased Then the hottest sun, solar system and our planet Earth. For what life waited for so long, have been created ever since then Creations started rising…

Care for your Well Wishers

We often don’t care about others and usually neglect our well wishers because of our stubborness and ego and because we dont see any short term profits in it but its better to take some learning from the lion before nature explains it in its own brutal way.