The Lotus and the Rose


Once there was a lotus and a rose. The rose was very proud of its beautiful red colour and its magnificent essence which attracted every animal and insect towards it.

On the other hand the lotus grew inside a dirty pond. Since it was at the centre of the pond therefore no one could touch it.

The rose made fun of this fact and boasted about itself.

One day a young boy and a girl were passing through the garden.They walked around the pond with a gentle smile across their faces.

The scenery and the surrounding were mesmerizing and the boy found it to be the most appropriate time to propose her. He knelt down before her and expressed his feelings. The girl couldn’t believe her ears and thought to hug and kiss him but instead asked him to prove his love.

The boy instantly asked her what to do.
The girl said him to bring the most beautiful flower that he could find in the garden.

He quickly looked around and found a beautiful lotus shining in the bright sunlight but it was out of his reach since it was in the middle of the pond.

Then he again looked around and found a big, red beautiful rose bending slightly downwards due to its weight. He quickly ran over there, plucked it and then gave it to the girl.

The girl reciprocated by hugging and kissing the boy. Everyday they came in the same garden, sat near the pond and saw the same mesmerizing lotus. Each day the boy plucked a rose and gave it to the girl.

Even after a decade they still come to the same garden and he still plucks the rose for her whereas the lotus stands firm in its position as their symbol of love.

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