History Revisited


Release of the front cover of my 1st science fiction novel “HISTORY REVISITED”. The synopsis of the story is as follows.

The story revolves around three really “unlucky” guys Nishant, Suraj and Sachin who accidently reach out in history, to be correct 3500-4000 B.C after tragically falling into a time portal where they undergo a series of near death adventures. They finally discover that they aren’t that unlucky as they thought.

They reach out a time, when two dynasties namely the Angrasya and the Brihadratha dynasties were in a bloody battle with each other. They see the plight of the princess of the Angrasya dynasty; rajkumari Samriddhi and they resolve to unite her and her new born baby with her husband; rajkumar Brihatkarman, who happens to be the prince of the Brihadratha dynasty.

They also learn that to return to their home they need a device named samay locator and in a quest to find it, they discover various peculiar weapons such as a sword which can throw multiple lightning bolts, a bo-staff whose size and strength can be augmented as per needs, the blackhole balls which can initiate a 20 seconds blackhole and the most important out of all, the “Hasth-yantra” which once worn on the hand gives the protagonist; Nishant, various superhuman abilities and not to forget about the various elixirs that come up their way.

At last they face a demonic sorcerer; Ajay, who ends the whole army of the Brihadratha dynasty by using his black magic skills and witchcraft.

Will the boys be able to stop him or is their destruction certain?
Will they be able to finally return to their own time?
Will they be cursed with bad luck forever or has destiny planned something else for them?

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