My Flipkart gift

It was 8th of September, my granny’s birthday.

Everyone was excited about the fact that she was turning 75, a major milestone of her life.

All of us thought what shall we present her on this special day. We came up with many ideas but were not able to pick anyone.

Everyone wanted his/her present to be the best. As a matter of fact no one was able to decide the whole day and at last everybody rushed out of the house at 8’o clock at night since my granny had a habbit of sleeping by 9.

In about half an hour, everyone reached home with big gifts meticulously wrapped along with them leaving me who was the only one who still didn’t have anything to offer.

Finally she cut the cake and everyone started with the usual “Happy birthday to you”.

Finally the time had come when everybody would show up their gifts not to make the birthday girl happy but to show how much could they spend on a gift.

My father bought her a new mobile, my mother bought her an expensive saree and my younger brother bought her a new pair of glasses and now everyone had their eyes on me.

Well yesterday I saw my granny weeping while she was lonely in her room.

What happened was that while entering her room, she slipped but by grace of God she caught hold of a groove on the wall. Over there was kept a glass frame which had my late grandfather’s photo placed inside it.

Seeing it completely shattered infront of her she broke down and sobbed.

This was from where I picked up my gift idea. Hence I immediately placed an order on Flipkart for a beautiful photo frame in which two photos could be kept simultaneously.

As soon as everybody’s eyes were on me, the doorbell ranged. I went towards the door and saw a man with a carton in his hands which assured me of the fact that it was none other than the flipkart guy.

I opened up the door, took the gift and came inside. Everybody was keen on seeing my gift.

I handed it over to my granny and asked her to open it up.

As soon as she opened it up, everyone started to laugh except my granny who hugged me and showered me with kisses.

I took her blessings, placed her and my grandfather’s photo inside it and handed it over to her.

Then we all had a great dinner and enjoyed the night.

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