5 ways to cool down

1. Rush to your bathroom, throw away your clothes and come down beneath the shower before you explode.

2. Switch on the A.C, throw your clothes off and stand as close as possible to it, letting the anger vent away.

3. Close your room, think about the guy who snatched away your girlfriend and abuse him as much as possible.

4. If abuses cant still cool you down, dont worry. Rotate your head until you find a pillow or a cushion. Pick one of them and beat the hell out of it. If still not happy, repeat the same with the rest of them.

5. Finally, if you are a psychopath and cannot get over your anger even after you have ripped off the pillows and cushions, only then try out this.
Consider yourself as the cushion, abuse yourself and beat the crap out of your face.

😀Only for entertainment purposes😀

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