5 ways to outsmart others


1. Always start early. Instill this habbit in you. The earlier you start, the more advantage you have. You have more time to research on your topic, more time to know about the viewpoints of your seniors thereby eliminating errors and assimilating the valuable experiences, thus outsmarting others.

2. Discover your talent and increase your skills in that particular field. Do not try to indulge yourself everywhere. Always remember that every human is blessed with “a” unique talent so identify it and build it as your strength and outsmart everybody else in it.

3. Never loose hope and be focussed on what you are doing. If you periodically change your interest area then you will never reach anywhere. Have a fixed goal and strive hard to reach it no matter what may come. Remember that it is better to become the “king of one” rather than becoming the “jack of all”.
So become the king and outsmart others.

4. Do not come under the influence of many people. Everyone has different view points and they will offer you different advices. Have a crystal clear goal, take advices which you think would benefit you in the long run and filter out everything else. Always remember that along with wit and intelligence, experience is also required to outperform others.

5. Have trustworthy partners and a strong peer network. Exchange your ideas with them and ask for valuable suggestions. Think of it like a survey in which you can get valuable and unbiased suggestions from industry experts and thus can outsmart your competitors.

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