5 ways to work efficiently

1. Sit down on a chair and keep your book, laptop or ipad on the table. This way your back will be straight and you will not suffer from back pain and thus will be able to work for longer hours with full concentration.

2. Have a cup of coffee or any drink that you like (refrain from alcoholic drinks). It keeps you away from sluggishness and lassitude.

3. Always have a photo of your idol on your table or on your mobile or laptop. As soon as you feel like giving up, remember his/her principles and start working again.

4. Know about the salary increase policies of your company and various incentives and perks that it pays to an employee if he/she shows an exceptional performance.

5. Divide your working hours into small intervals/periods. Take a break in between by enjoying a tasty snack or calling your spouse(conditions apply😅), striking the gym(if its nearby) or even a brisk walk would suffice.

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