5 things not to do while driving

1. Never use a mobile phone while driving. Human brain is designed for efficiency. Therefore either drive or make/receive a call. Perform Only 1 activity at a time.

2.  Do not ogle. Second highest probability of road accidents is due to ogling. The most being due to using a mobile phone.

3. Always wear your seat belt. Many of us forget or intentionally do not wear it. It can save you from an instant death in case of a road accident. Always remember, precaution is better than cure.

4. Never drink and drive. Never drink and drive for God sake. You not only put yourself in danger but you also put the lives of those travelling with you at stake.

5. Dont loose your patience or get over-excited while driving. Sometimes the roads are too crowded and everyone around you may be honking at the maximum possible voice. Dont loose patience and concentrate on driving. On the other hand, please do not indulge in any unnecessary speed/drift challenge with your friend on the road. There are hundreds of car racing video games in which you can compete without risking your life.

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