5 ways to be an efficient manager

1. A team should consist of like minded people. Half of the job is done if you have a team with similar goals and aspirations.

2. Maintain more than just a professional relationship. A sure shot way to gain trust of your team members is by maintaining a personal relationship with them.

3. While evaluating his performance have a keen look on what were the factors due to which he was unable to perform to the fullest. After evaluation of his performance do not scold rather explain the best possible solution that he should have opted for.

4. Have a positive environment and always maintain a growth oriented approach. A person works to his fullest potential when he sees that not only his salary grows but there is also a chance of personal development.

5. Apart from official work give them chance to groom personally. There are many free courses on the internet ranging from science and technology to programming to management and arts. Make it mandatory for them to learn at least 3 courses in a year. The best online site for this edx.

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