5 reasons to help others

1. Being good to others generates a feeling of satisfaction within you. You will feel happy from within if you help others.

2. When you help someone that person automatically falls in your friend list. Helping is the easiest way to make new and faithful friends.

3. Its a human nature to behave in a similar manner with the other person as he/she behaves with you. So if you help a person, he/she will also help you out next time.

4. The best way to kill an enemy is by making him your friend and the best way to make a friend is by helping him. So help others.

5. When you help others, you dont only serve the immediate person rather you create a ripple effect. The person you helped in turn helps other people and this goes on. Thus you trigger this happiness chain and indirectly help all the people in the chain thereby increasing the happiness coefficient of not only yourself and the person you helped but of a relatively larger group of people.

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