5 things to take care in a temple

1. You can land in serious troubles if you step inside while wearing shoes, sandels or sleepers. Make sure to keep them out of the temple premises because a temple is considered as the home of God and you are not allowed to being in dirt and drop litter here and there. Also you must remember that the whole Earth is the home of God so you should consider it as a huge temple and must always keep it clean.

2. Dont purchase unnecessary items that are sold outside the temple. There is no instrument except pure devotion that can bring you closer to God.

3. Do not give big donations to the temple. A small amount may suffice. Instead spend your money to give some food and clothes to the poor and needy and make your penny count.

4. Majority of the people who sit outside the temple compound and ask for alms are those who are either unemployed and therefore have no other option to feed their families or they are such people who had a severe tragedy in their life due to which they have lost their will to live and hope for a bright future. Very few are those who are in the search of spirituality. So instead of letting their condition to further deteriorate we must provide them with right counselling and must give them a hope that they can still have a bright future. If you are a businessman/businesswomen, you can even provide jobs to such people. That would be truly wonderful and trust me that God will like it more than the big donations that you make to the temple.

5. The most important part. Always remember that God is omnipresent. He is not only present in the temple premises but even at your home, office, car and even your toilet. Dont just go to the temple to show the world how religious or spiritual you are. Have it from your heart. Dont just follow those religious practices when you are surrounded by other people or media but also practice them while you are lonely. That’s pure devotion and that would ultimately end all your sufferings.

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