Book Review: Snowflakes of love


I was lucky enough to be one of the first readers of the book and here is my review on it.

About the Author:

There are 15 writers for this anthology and initial 8 pages give a detailed background of all the authors. Well the authors are from all across the length and breadth of the country and from diverse age groups ranging from a 11th standard student to working proffessionals. Thus be ready to get a glimpse from all the facets of life and fall in love with the word LOVE itself.



The back cover blurb is quite mesmerizing as it ensnares the reader to pick up the book and get soaked in the beautiful short stories and poems.

Its is rightly titled as Snowflake of love because it itself depicts how a flake of snow is broken but still looks so beautiful. One can relate a snowflake with each fictional character in various different stories in the book.


As I already said that stories are from varied age groups ranging from teenage love to relatively matured couples remembering about their initial days bonding. There are stories which have a very different outset as from a routine love story and some have a really bang on coincidence like a Karan Johar movie.

There is no doubt that the initial 4-5 stories and all the poems at the end of the book are really awesome and will have readers fully engrossed but the later stories are not that engrossing and can flicker readers interest. If the later stories would have been as good as the initial ones then the book would have trully been a masterpiece.


1. 3 AM
2. A Twist in the tale
3. Sugar Free Romance


1. The initial stories are really heart touching and the reader will be captivated by them.

2. All the poems are very beautifully written and one cannot put the book down without reading them.

3. The language used is easy and can be well understood by the reader.

4. Readers from all sections of the society and from all age groups will rejoice the stories.


1. There are minute grammatical mistakes.

2. The later stories are not that engrossing as the initial ones.

3. Instead of using many words for expressing a feeling, better one words should have been used at some places to describe the emotions and situations more vividly.

4. At some places long hindi idioms or sentences are written which can discourage non hindi readers from picking up the book.


You can buy the book at amazon

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