Book review: Yama by Kevin Missal

Well here it is. I got a chance to review this awesome book “YAMA” by Kevin Missal.

It’s an edge of the seat crime thriller novel with some really dirty killing. Some scenes literally reminded me of SAW(The movie) where the antagonist would slice of your hand or would cut your toungue in order to see your will to survive.

Though the concept in the novel is quite different where in the antagonist is trying to bring justice to the people and the society as a whole by killing the goons in the most pathetic and abhorrent manner one could imagine.


The novel from the bigenning to the middle portion of the book is a page turner especially the way YAMA generates fear inside his victim and then slains them viciously but it looses pace in portions where YAMA is not involved.

Leaving the places where YAMA is not in the limelight, the book can get your adrenaline pumping.


1. Language is plain so it makes it easy to understand for the reader.

2. The scenes which highlight YAMA especially where he brutally executes his victims is the key point of the book. So if you enjoy brutal killing, this book is definitely for you.

3. The book ends with the same pace as at the beginning of the book. No melodramatic drama at the end.


1. The major flaw according to me is the end of the story. At the end a new YAMA emerges who is the same cop who had been trying like hell to catch the YAMA and when he gets a chance to catch him, he lets him go. Come on man… how can you let go such an epic criminal infront of you. Do you know that you work for the police!!!

2. The pace drops in some middle portions of the book where YAMA is not in limelight.

3. For people who have read “THE KRISHNA KEY” by Ashwin Sanghi… dont get bogged down if you find some similarity in both the books though trust me the similarity is just superficial.


Grab your copies from Amazon and read this awesome crime thriller that will surely give you goose bumps.

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