Book Review: LET THE GAME BEGIN by Sandeep Sharma


Now this a must read book for all thriller lovers out there.

The plot is unique and one of its kind. The story revolves around a mysterious killer who is avenging the death of his only son who died 4000 years ago.


The story has various timelines. It will take you through the past to the present and you will keep on guessing who the killer is though the reason why he is killing is absurd.

Apart from the reason, the author has done a wonderful job of connecting the sequence of the murder with the sequence of steps taken by a child to defeat the world champion in the game of chess long time ago.


1. Language is simple and self explanatory.

2. The way in which the killer executes his targets according to the steps in the game of chess is pretty awesome.


1. Some spelling mistakes can be found.

2. The reason for which the killer is executing his targets is not justifiable. The killer is a reincarnation of a 4000 year old king who is avenging his only son’s death by killing the same people in the present time who had killed his son in the past. Now the question is, how can the killer accurately know that the people that he is killing are the reincarnations of those people who killed his child 4000 years ago.

3. The basic theory that is given in the book is that the human D.N.A repeats itself after every 4000 years. Everyone has heard the cliche “History repeats itself” but the D.N.A repeating itself is pretty insane.

The author has promised to write a sequel to it and I hope this time he backs up the reason with concrete and believable points though there is no doubt that you will definitely enjoy the book. I highly recommend this book.


Buy it from Amazon and enjoy!!!

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