Book Review: Ponytail: The Love for Revenge by Pradip Chauhan


Recently I got a chance to review this book and except some illogical incidences, I definitely liked this book. It’s a short book of only 165 pages and you can complete it in 3 hours or so.


Well initially the story is pacy and catches readers interest. The authors fluid style of writing is also an add on. Though later on some flaws can be noticed both in the core story as well as in the auxilliary incidences which I have mentioned below.

Overall the book is nice and I will recommend you to read it.


1. Fluid style of writing. Language is simple and self-explanatory.

2. A pacy book!!!

3. Sticks to the core storyline. Does not deviate.


1. The protagonist aims to become the richest man in the world but as soon as his girlfriend dies he withdraws himself for a year and also sells his company for which he had toiled so hard. Completely not understandable.

2. Initially the protagonist loved a girl and then afterwards he kills her to take revenge from her father because he was indirectly responsible for his parents immature death during his childhood. This reason is satisfying, no doubt about it but later on the protagonist repents for loosing her to such an extent that his wife leaves him calling him a psycho. If the protagonist loved her so much then why in the name of God did he kill her.

3. The word ponytail does not suite with the story of the book.


Grab your copies from Amazon and enjoy the book.

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