Book Review: ALL OF ME by Jonali karmakar


Now this is seriously the most amazing collection of short stories that I have ever come across. The author has expressed her emotions in such a way that they will pierce right through your heart. Every story will reveal some or the other facet of your life and you just cannot control yourself from appluading her at the end of each story.


The book is written exceptionally well and the reader will be able to connect with each and every story. Friends this is a must read and do not wait any longer to order your copy.


1. Every reader will find a story that he/she can relate to.

2. The stories are well knitted giving you a glimpse of diverse facets of life.

3. The author holds a M.A degree in English and it clearly shows up in her style of writing.


Well as such the book is flawless but…

1. The book is small as compared to other anthologies. Only 88 pages. Were you in a hurry to publish!!!

2. Though the language used is crystal clear, it’s many notches above the vocabulary level an average person so dont forget to have a dictionary besides you to look up for so many new and unheard words.


Grab your copies of this beautiful anthology now from Amazon.

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