Book Review: Kaliyug – The secret plot by B.S Sarwagna Kumar


A good book indeed but with many loopholes. It is divided into 2 parts. The 1st part of the book deals with the stories of Hindu mythology and the 2nd part deals with short stories from different timelines across the kaliyuga starting from its initial days from Emperor Parikshit’s rule till the end of it by Lord Vishnu’s final avatar Kalki’s victory over the demonic time lord; Kali.

The concept and storyline is good but there are so many unwanted short stories especially in the 2nd part of the book that can seriously bore you.

The first part deals with Hindu mythology from the beginning of the time till the end of dwapar yuga and the 2nd part deals with kaliyug.

Overall the book is good except those unwanted short stories in the latter part of the book.


1. Language is clear and self-explanatory.

2. If you like Hindu mythology and want to know about it, then the 1st part of the book is quite worth reading.

3. The emotional scenes between Kalki and his mother are heart touching.


1. Seriously boring for those who have read Ramayana, Mahabharata and many other ancient Indian folk lores(including me). It looks as if the incidences mentioned are just copied and pasted with small changes here and there.

2. The 2nd part of the book is super boring with the characters SAM and SAMI. They die a billion times and respawn in every timeline just to accumulate or shed their karma.

3. I read the novel till the last only to experience the battle scene between Kali and Kalki and to know the role of Parashurama and Agastya. Sorry to say but none was satisfactory.


Grab your copies from Amazon.

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