Book Review: The Triumph of love- The Immortal Romance of Savitri and Satyavan by Shivdutt Sharma


This is the finest romance novel that I have come across. I had heard about the love tale of Savitri and Satyavan and that she bought back her husband from the abyss of death but the way in which the author has made up the whole scenario is truly enchanting and mesmerizing.


Epic display of emotions, classy language and breathtaking romance are the pillars of a successful romantic novel and this book contains it all in myriad amounts.

An unforgettable saga of epic romance that is bound to give you goosebumps.


1. The description of all the characters is awesome. Moreover the words have been carefully selected so as to portray divinity among characters in a concise way.

2. The author has written so beautifully that the reader gets magically tranported to that era.

3. Gives a strong message to the society that if one has the will and determination, one can even illuminate the dark shadows of fate.


1. Well the book is fantastic but not the boons!!! Savitri cleverly asks for various boons from Yamraj and Yamraj grants them such as her father-in-law gets his vision back, her father gets 100 sons to name a few. There is no rational explanation given on how those boons come to reality. A 21st century human is highly inquisitive and wants a rational explanation for everything but the book fails miserably in providing it.

2. Satyavan rests on Savitri’s lap and after sometime he immediately stops breathing and dies. Illogical!!!

3. A doe passes between Savitri and Yamraj which makes him loose his composure and he grants Savitri’s wish of being a mother to 100 sons due to which he had to release her husband’s soul. How can an earthly being waver the attention of a god so much so that he grants such a wish for which he has to spring back an already dead human back to life and destroy the cosmic order.


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