Book Review: Superwomen- Inspiring Stories of 20 Women Enterpreneurs by Prachi Garg


This is a must read for everyone. No matter you are unemployed or a billionaire, a success freak or seeking spiritual bliss and most importantly a male or a female.

The book beautifully portrays the achievements of 20 young women who have proven their mettle and have made their mark in male dominated space.

No matter how many hurdles they had to cross, they never lost hope. They balanced both their family and office life like a pro. They have set examples which are to be looked upon especially by those people who give up under odd circumstances.


A lot to learn from this book. It will definitely inspire you to spread your wings and soar high in the sky. You will be able to explore your latent talent which will prompt you to take on your endeavour and ultimately emerge successful.


1. Language is pretty good and up to the mark.

2. All the stories are highly inspiring and are solely dedicated to 20 women who have made their way in male dominated market and have succesfully  made a landmark.

3. Breaks the stereotype that a women is in any way lesser than a man.


1. Front cover is not that alluring else everything is at its best.


Dont delay any longer and grab this magnificent book right now from Amazon.

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