Selfishness begets self destruction

Once upon a time, two people were stranded in a secluded island. One out of them was arrogant, stubborn and selfish while the other was cooperative, assistive and kind-hearted.

The latter used to share all that he would have with the former including food, water and shelter but the same did not hold true with the former.

After a month a rescue team reached the same island, anchored their ship and went on to search for the two lost men on the island.

After searching for about an hour, they reached the kind hearted guy’s hut. They were pleasantly welcomed by him and he offered them coconut water on which he had been surviving since the past month.

The rescue team liked his cooperation and asked him to go to the ship while they would bring the second guy.

The kind hearted guy made his way to the ship while the rescue team made their way to the stubborn and selfish guy’s hut.

They entered the hut but they were unable to find him. Instead they saw large piles of coconuts stuffed inside it.

It was pitch black inside so they called him out. Instead of answering them he started to throw stones and pebbles thinking that they had come to steal his coconuts.

The rescue team tried to pacify him but he continued to hit them as hard as possible.

At last after repeated attacks from the selfish man and since they were not able to identify him due to the prevailing darkness, one of them took out his rifle and shot him to death.

They thought him to be a tribal man and fearing that more of them would soon arrive, they ran towards the ship.

Upon reaching the ship, the kind man asked them about the whereabouts of his friend but the rescue team told that they were unable to find him. They later told him about the incident that occurred inside the hut and how they managed to escape from there.

The kind man was shocked to listen to this and by the conditions specified by the rescue team, he was able to make out that the person they killed was none other than his friend.

He prayed for his soul to rest in peace and then they departed for their home.

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