Book Review: The Story of the Dead by A C Raja [Translated by Rajeev Nair N V]


The book tries to project the diabolic acts by some people leading to untimely death of honest and upright people.

In the story an owl daily visits a man’s house every night and tells him different stories about the people who died on that particular day and the incidents that occurred with them on the cremation ground.

The story was originally written by late A C Raja and has been translated into english by Rajeev Nair N V.


The novel encapsulates the various evil practices that are prevalent in the modern day human society.

The story being a philosophical one highlights the fact that no matter who we are, all of us have to face death at sometime or the other but it also acquaints us with some of the evil conducts of the people leading to the death of the innocent people and also throws light onto the evil practices that are followed after the death of an individual.


1. The book highlights about how some people for their petty benefits kill innocent people.

2. The book also highlights about the evil practices and misconceptions prevalent in the society.

3. The author has used an owl to recount the narrative which makes it all the more interesting.


1. The book is not well edited. There are numerous grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors.

2. The reader can find some stories boring.


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