Book Review: Once In A Lifetime; Happens Again by Lovely Kumari and Ashish Kumar Mall


This is a unique book which will be liked by people across all ages and especially by the teenagers.

The story depicts a young boy who struggles to find out the best match for him; a dilemma of every teenager.


I recommend this book for every teenager as they will be able to connect with the characters well. While reading you can feel the crisp and exhilirating puppy love that every teenager goes through his/her life.


1. The story is well conceived.

2. Sweet little proposals in form of shayaris is an icing on the cake.

3. Perfectly displays how complicated it is to manage relationships in teenage years.


1. The book cover is unattractive and at the same time does not speak anything about the story.

2. There are numerous spelling and grammatical errors throughout the book. The book should have been edited twice or thrice more.


Grab your copies now from Amazon.

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