Book Review: 7th cup by Nitesh Kumar Jain


This is a book which none of the mystery fans would dare to leave. At times it will dazzle you with the amount of intimacy and love shared by the protagonist for his love and at times it will blaze your so formed mental image of the protagonist as a Romeo in the deepest realms of inferno.


The book serves an engrossing love tale in the swiss alps and a subsequent plausible detective recital.

Though the book looses its grandeur in some of the middle chapters but overall its a good read.


1. The way in which the protagonist tries to woo his love is both romantic and funny at the same time.

2. The detective angle in the subsequent chapters give a plausible end to the story.

3. Language used is easy to comprehend and crystal clear.


1. Characters are not well developed.

2. Some portion in the middle seems to be repetitive and thus the book looses its grace.


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