Interview of Nitesh Kumar Jain – Author of The Seventh Cup


1. Tell us something about yourself and how did you discover your passion for writing.
Well, a simple guy with a passion to write. I enjoy the entire process of writing as I feel it’s a perfect medium to vent your emotions. Apart from writing, I enjoy teaching Chemistry to entrance exams aspirants and spending quality time with my family. I love travelling, watching movies and eating good food.
I never planned to be a writer. It was just that I enjoyed doing creative writing in school and later  dramatic scripts for my college club, but had never planned to actually sit down and write a novel. During my stay in Switzerland, I began to explore an idea into words and slowly it blossomed into a novel -The Seventh Cup.

2. How did you conceive the idea for writing down “The Seventh Cup”?
I am inclined towards mystery genre. Therefore, when I was exploring the idea of writing a novel, I knew it would be a suspense thriller. Soon the characters began to emerge, some real life, some imaginary.

3. What was your inspiration to write the novel?
It’s the Universal Law of Attraction that was the inspiration for my novel.

4. Who were your support pillars when you went through ups and downs while writing the novel?
My parents, sisters and my friends from Goa and Switzerland.

5. How many incidences in the book were drawn from your own experiences and how many were fictitious?
Actually, it’s an amalgamation of almost equal instances from my experiences and those from my imagination. The funny part was, after creating the scenes, I was unable to decipher between the real and unreal ones.

6. You seem to love the term “Universal law of attraction” as you have used it umpteen times in the novel. Have you yourself experienced it? If yes then where and how?
Well, I believe in the law. The key word is ‘belief’. If you have faith and belief, then nothing can stop you from achieving it. My entire journey of applying for my studies abroad till the time I boarded the flight to Switzerland, was the result of the application of the law.

7. You have crafted a mystery novel with just enough elements of a Shakespearean tragedy. Would you stick to the mystery genre or would like to venture some other genre as well?
I would love to explore other genre. Let’s see how things shape up.

8. Are you working on any other book? If yes, please share some insights.
Currently I am working on a lover story. Its tentatively titled-Love Insurance. But, yes, even this one will have a twist in its tale.

9. Now that you are an author, you will have a fan following. Please let our readers know how they can connect with you.
I am available at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp. My readers may reach out in any of these platform.

10. Please share some words of wisdom for the new and upcoming authors.
‘We live once and our life is precious. Let’s not waste it by thinking what to do. Just do it.’

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