Should a big factory be allowed to open up in a town?

A big factory can literally change the topography of a town. It provides employement opportunities to the residents and helps in improving the overall quality of life of its employees. It attracts technical as well as non-technical talent from the nearby towns and thus covertly helps in its development.

As so many people come in search for jobs, they need places to live. Thus a factory opens up new horizons in the housing sector as well.

Since the big factories are owned by wealthy industrialists, they may sometimes neglect the standards set up by the government and play their monopoly.

Thus the residents should be aware of the rules and regulations that are to be followed by the factory and must protest if it does not abide by them. Big factories often neglect environmental norms like emission of deadly gases into open air and dumping of chemical waste in freshwater which leads to prolonged adverse health affects.

Thus the introduction of a new factory can provide a stable economic development in the town and thus must be allowed to open up.

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