Book Review: A Broken Man by Akash Verma

A story of an outcast boy who falls in love with a brahmin girl. A total bollywood flick with myriad emotions. You will not keep the book down until you complete it


A wonderful story along with a message for the society. Initially the boy tries to hurt the girl but he listens to his inner conscience and stops before its too late.

The story takes a U- turn when he saves her from getting burned alive. This develops a soft corner for him in the girl’s heart and thus it embarks their love story.

A journey of an outcast boy from his village to Lucknow University and then to the city of dreams, Mumbai. A journey which starts under abject poverty and ends with what all desire to achieve, money and love.


1. Language used is crystal clear and expresses the emotions aptly.

2. Appears as if you are “Reading” a bollywood movie.


1. The front cover is not attractive.

2. The title does not go hand in hand with the story.


Grab your copies from Amazon now.

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