How To Achieve Materialistic Victory.

There are many incidents where we may have differences with a relatively stronger person. May be you are right and he is wrong. May be you are good and he is bad but is it a good idea to confront him openly?
The answer is a simple and clear NO.

Having good intentions and goodwill is great and the universal energy grants you extra points for it but what about your own efforts!

Remember we live in a materialistic world so to attain materialistic happiness we need to make materialistic efforts.

Ravana had bad intentions. He captured Sita. On the contrary, Rama is reverred as a God and as the perfect man. The one in whom all the goodness of the universe rests in but did he retrieve his wife back just because he wanted to.

Again the answer is a simple and clear NO.

He had a gargantuan task of building a bridge from India to Sri Lanka and an even colossal task of defeating the demon king, Ravana. It was then that he was able to get back his beloved wife.

The point is that though Rama’s intentions were good and that of Ravana’s were evil, Rama had to make substantial efforts.

As soon as his materialistic efforts matched those of Ravana, he emerged victorious as the universal energy had already granted him extra points for his good intentions and goodwill.

So we can come up with a formula:


Here we must always remember one thing that Goodwill will just provide you with extra points. Its your efforts that will make the real difference. 

We can look at other examples as well and there can be nothing better than that of Chanakya.

His father was murdered by the king so he became an orphan at a young age. Later when he grew up, he went to the king to seek help as India was soon going to be invaded by Alexander but instead of listening to him, the king disrespectfully threw him out of the court.

Now let’s wait over here and think. What would you do if someone disrespects you infront of hundreds of people. You would want to beat him to death and then die yourself(Beware! He is the king. He can order to rip you into two parts while just sitting on his throne).

But that’s not what this guy did.

Instead he took an oath to destroy the ruling dynasty and to establish a worthy emperor.

But is that possible overnight or in a month or an year or even in a decade?

He chose a young boy, taught and trained him, formed an army and at last toppled the throne.

Chanakya had a goodwill. On the contrary, the king was bad but what was that one thing which made the difference between the two. It was nothing else but his efforts.

No doubt the king was bad but he was not inefficient. He had a huge army and he maintained it well. He put in dedicated efforts to maintain his army and thus he was able to rule for decades as he was the most feared ruler in the country.

On the other hand Chanakya also put in dedicated efforts to groom the little boy into a worthy prince but all his actions were carried out with good intentions.

Thus as soon as his efforts matched those with the ill willed king and as the universal energy had granted him extra points for his goodwill, he emerged victorious.

These examples are more than enough to explain that its “efforts” that count.

Having a goodwill but making no efforts will not carry us anywhere. 

Always remember the above equation:

Who doesn’t want to get extra free points and that is what you will get by having a goodwill but always remember that it is your efforts that will make the difference and due to which you will ultimately emerge victorious.

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