Book Review : Climbing Rainbows by Sree Latha Radhakrishnan

Here comes a book which deals with stories regarding children who face new and challenging situations when they either leave or are forced to leave their natural habitat.


The book aptly displays the mental trauma that a child has to face when they leave behind their home and move to a new place. 

Nobody likes to bid adieu their beloved ones and to start all over again in a new place and the author has depicted this felicituously in all her stories.


1. The author has mentioned that she used to twist the stories while reciting it to her grandchildren and after reading Climbing Rainbows, one can say that she has honed this skill to the fullest.

2. Each and every story is drawn from a different perspective. It ranges from the story of a boy who feels depressed when it dawns upon him that he has to let go his playful and cheerful squirrel to a boy who has to leave his home and live in a refugee camp.

3. A wonderful book that can be recited by parents/grandparents to their children/grandchildren respectively.

4. The language is crystal clear.


1. The title could have been more engrossing.

2. The front cover could have been more attractive.


Grab Climbing Rainbows from Amazon now.

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